When we take on a new client, we do so with the desire to do everything possible to help them succeed. We do not simply produce shelf-ware, we look to add real value for our clients. We have never had a customer complaint and are proud of what our clients have to say about us.... 

"Mike Duff is very good and helpful to us a company, recommending and advising. Mike has become a great member of our team and I would recommend him to anyone".


William Savin, MD

"We have been very lucky to find business advisors who were able to quickly demonstrate that they really did understand the reasons we had asked for their help.  Their help is no boilerplate service pulled from a collection of standard solutions.

From the initial engagement we found Helen and Mike extremely easy to work with as they made every attempt to translate business and finance gobbledegook into simple English.  They showed an interest in the business model we offer and clearly understood the challenge we were facing.

As a result they have helped us raise start-up funding at a critical time in our business growth cycle and remain engaged to help us succeed.  Indeed, as a direct result of their help we have been able to secure orders which are taking the company to the next level.

We have received excellent advice on business planning and long term P&L for which we are grateful.  As two non-business people we needed help to make the business grow - Helen and Mike have provided that help and they are now working alongside us to maintain momentum"

Mark Geldart, CEO

Phil Maddox, MD

"Known Mike for some time, find him to be focused, getting down to key points of business direction and requirements quickly and succinctly."


"Mike is a very professional businessman with a great deal of knowledge of running a successful business, especially finances and budgeting."


Mark Brett-Finch, Head of Development

"I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you too, for all your hard work for the MAT and your support and wisdom and help over the last year, especially to me personally."


Anna Sketchley, Executive Head

Tony Cross, CEO

"Mike is able to provide support and advice on a range of management issues, particularly business strategy, financial planning, sales, packaging and materials handling. He is playing a full part in securing new business and developing our client base."


Sarah Shearer, MD

"Thank you both for the hard work and very good to meet you too. I found the meeting really useful – good to have another set of eyes on the project. Thank you once again."


Pauline McNamara, MD

"Brilliant! Thank you so much for all your help with this. It was good talking to you yesterday. Thank you for sending through all the information, it is greatly appreciated!"

"Good to see you Mike, yesterday was a good meeting. You are a good guy and I really need your help at this point. Together we can do a lot. Will take advice re focus and very much appreciate."

Grace De Avaro, MD

Lady Kate, MD

"Hi Mike, just wanted to say Thank you so much for your advice and ideas. I'd absolutely recommend you to anyone who needed business advice in the future. Many thanks."